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Pan Loafs

Caraway Rye

list of ingredients


Energy Bread

This flavorful bread has a high protein content compared to other breads because of the rye and seeds it contains.


Flax Bread

Whole wheat with flax seeds.



Heirloom Wheat

The wheat used in this flavorful bread is 100% heirloom, Red-Fife whole wheat flour that is grown and milled in Minnesota.



Honey Oat



Hearty whole wheat bread with our 6 seed and grain cereal.


Rustic White Bread

The Rustic white loaf is the same dough as our white pan bread but requires a longer process that allows it to gain a little more texture and flavor.




Sunflower Rye 1

Sunflower Rye

100% organic rye flour and 5 ingredients total. Made with our naturally fermented sourdough rye culture and sunflower seeds.



White Pan Bread