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We are currently not accepting online orders. But do browse our selection and please feel free to drop by or call to place an order: 612-578-7897.

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bacon cheese chive roll

Bacon, Cheese, and Chive Roll

It’s as good as it sounds.


Bread Pudding

Made with our cardamom bread and pecans.



Cinnamon Stick

Stuff and things



Cinnamon-Walnut Rolls




Our soft and delicious cookies come in three different varieties.




Lemon Poppy-Seed Roll

With a lemon glaze.


nutella pocket

Nutella Pocket

Sweet dough filled with chocolate-hazelnut spread.




These pastries contain seasonal variations of fruit. Call us for more details! Variations have included apple, cherry, apricot, blueberry, raspberry, peach, and rhubarb in the past.