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Energy Bread

This flavorful bread has a high protein content compared to other breads because of the rye and seeds it contains.


Flax Bread

Whole wheat with flax seeds.



French Boule



French Walnut

The coarsely chopped walnuts and perfect amount of whole wheat give this bread its great flavor. Try it with your favorite cheese!


Giant Pretzel

Great for sharing and also why wouldn’t you want a giant pretzel?!





Heirloom Wheat

The wheat used in this flavorful bread is 100% heirloom, Red-Fife whole wheat flour that is grown and milled in Minnesota.



Honey Oat



Italian Rosemary

A traditional Italian dough with rosemary.


Lemon Poppy-Seed Roll

With a lemon glaze.



Mini Pretzels



Hearty whole wheat bread with our 6 seed and grain cereal.