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nutella pocket

Nutella Pocket

Sweet dough filled with chocolate-hazelnut spread.



Parbaked Pretzels



Pretzel Buns


Pretzel Chips



Pretzel Sticks





Rustic White Bread

The Rustic white loaf is the same dough as our white pan bread but requires a longer process that allows it to gain a little more texture and flavor.





Sicilian Bread

The flavor, color, and texture of this bread are different from our other white breads because we use Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, honey, and flour made from durum, which is a type of wheat that is used to make pasta.




These pastries contain seasonal variations of fruit. Call us for more details! Variations have included apple, cherry, apricot, blueberry, raspberry, peach, and rhubarb in the past.


Sunflower Rye 1

Sunflower Rye

100% organic rye flour and 5 ingredients total. Made with our naturally fermented sourdough rye culture and sunflower seeds.



Sweet Rolls

Simple, rich sweet roll