About Us

Baked goods rooted in tradition and crafted with care. We believe in using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients to not only create perfectly baked goods but also support our community and the environment.

Traditional Recipes

Delight in our wide range of traditional baked goods.

Rooted In NE Minneapolis

Find Aki’s at events all around Minneapolis, providing locally sourced ingredients.

Baked Fresh Daily

We use only the highest quality, local, ingredients in our hand crafted, baked fresh goods.

Community Driven

Focused on providing a welcoming environment that fosters community engagement.

What makes Aki’s authentic


A bakery based on the traditions of Germany providing amazing artesian breads, pastries & pretzels to our community combined with a wine bar having the atmosphere and vibe that brings people together.


To provide service and products that are worthy of repeat business and be the five-star bakery and wine bar that is above all others.

Our Values

Team Focused
We take care of each other first and have a giving attitude.
We understand that with a strong team, we do great things.
We make the best out of the best.
We don’t do short cuts. We strive for excellence.
We give our customers positive experiences they will remember.
We provide 5-star products and service that are worth remarking about.
Service is black & white. Hospitality is technicolor.
Open Communication
We understand that open, honest, and clear communication is vital for our success.
We are open to receiving feedback from each other and our customers because we understand it is meant help us and the business grow and flourish.
Endless Reinvention
We are open-minded to finding ways to improve.
We believe that all things are possible.

Meet the


Owner / Founder

As a native from Germany, the things that I have really missed since living here in the U.S. are the bread, rolls, pastries and baked goods that I grew up with. Since 2010, I’ve been working to bring back memories, the taste and the smell of the freshly baked goods of my home country. I hope you enjoy.


Owner / Partner

I am super excited to be partnered with Aki in Aki’s BreadHaus & WunderBar (coming soon!). As a former business owner in retail and wholesale businesses, I have missed the adventure of being part of something that I can create & grow while building a strong team and a people-first culture. While Aki continues to oversee the production and quality of the bakery; I have taken on the business side of the operations. We make a great team!

See the Heart and
Soul Of Aki’s Breadhaus