Elevate Your Business with Aki’s Authentic German Baking

Introduce a touch of German tradition to your business with Aki’s Breadhaus. Our expertise in traditional baking techniques and use of high-quality, local ingredients ensure that every product we offer enhances your offerings and delights your customers.

Enhance Menu Diversity

Attract More Customers

Premium Quality & Freshness

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“We adore Akis products and services for their unbeatable quality and authenticity, making our festive season truly special and our customers delighted every year.”

Minneapolis Holiday Market


5 Star ratings

10+ Years

Serving Minneapolis

10+ Years

Serving Minneapolis

Looking To Set Yourself Apart Through Authentic, High-Quality Offerings?

Understandably, standing out in today’s competitive market is challenging. Aki’s Breadhaus recognizes the importance of offering unique, high-quality products that not only draw customers but keep them coming back for more.

Difficulty Differentiating Menu

Customer Demand for High Quality

Need for Fresh, Authentic Offerings

Distinguish Your Business with Aki’s Authentic German Baking

Aki’s Breadhaus offers more than just baked goods; we provide a gateway to authentic German tradition, ensuring your business stands out.

Authentic Recipes

Our traditional German baking techniques set your offerings apart.

Local and Fresh

We prioritize freshness with locally sourced ingredients.

Delivery Options

Contact us for our delivery days and options.

Cultural Connection

Offer your customers an authentic cultural experience.

Partner with Aki’s, grow you menu, and delight your customers.

Let Aki’s Breadhaus transform your menu. Experience the difference authentic German baking can make in attracting and retaining customers.

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From Our Hands to Your Table:
The Journey of Our Baking

Our Baking Process

Why tradition matters to us

Old Ways, Best Flavors

Our recipes are more than instructions; they’re a bridge to the past. By sticking to traditional German baking methods, we ensure each bite carries the authentic flavors that have been cherished for generations. From the slow fermentation of our breads to the delicate folds of our pastries, tradition is the essence of our taste.

Made by Hand, Made with Heart

Every loaf, pretzel, and pastry from Aki’s Breadhaus is crafted with individual care and attention. Our bakers pour their passion and precision into each creation, ensuring that what you bring to your table is not just food, but a piece of art that tells the story of dedication and love.

From The Field To Your Fork

Our ingredient story

Supporting Local Businesses

We believe in the power of community, which is why we source ingredients from local farms. This commitment to local sourcing not only supports our neighbors but also guarantees the freshness and quality of our baked goods. By choosing local, we bring the best of the fields directly to your fork.

True Tastes, Real Ingredients

Our authenticity starts with the ingredients. Whether it’s flour milled in nearby farms or specialty spices imported from Germany, every ingredient is chosen for its quality and ability to bring genuine German flavors to life. It’s our promise to you: real ingredients for true tastes.


Difference With Every Bite

Why our baking stands out

Freshness You Can Taste

Freshness isn’t just a quality; it’s a guarantee of flavor. Our daily baking routines ensure that what you enjoy is always at its peak of taste and texture. From the oven to your table, the difference is not just seen but savored in every bite.

Flavors That Tell a Story

Each flavor at Aki’s Breadhaus is a narrative of its own, from hearty loaves that speak of German countrysides to pastries that whisper tales of European cafés. Our baking is an invitation to taste and discover these stories, one bite at a time.

Aki's BreadHaus
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Shae PastoreShae Pastore
02:36 18 Apr 24
The most amazing sourdough. Everything here is amazing
James CermakJames Cermak
14:53 12 Apr 24
Without a doubt the best Brötchen I've found in the US.
Tobias GilbertTobias Gilbert
14:13 11 Apr 24
The best bakery I have found so far in the twin cities. Incredible bread and very good pastires and coffee as well. The people are always friendly and it is very reasonably priced imo.
Sarah HuntleySarah Huntley
19:55 19 Mar 24
Always good, always fresh. My kids attend school in NE so a morning snack makes them happy. My sister in law is German and I tried this place first in Osseo. I’m so happy that they are in NE. Everything is good! Trying the Pretzel with cranberry mustard today, rosemary garlic bread and the ever trustworthy cinnamon stick for the kids.
Julie DustinJulie Dustin
15:37 15 Mar 24
My husband was in Germany for 2 years and loves Brötchen. I saw the bakery had them and I went with my sister yesterday and bought a dozen. I surprised him with a traditional German meal like we had when we visited Germany a couple years ago. I had cheese, meat, broetchen and some German wine on the table when he came home. He was so excited! It brought back so many memories of us pulling up to a picnic area and having our lunch enjoying beautiful Germany! Also I found my German family still living there in the small village my Great Grandfather was born in!
Miku Fan USAMiku Fan USA
15:58 27 Feb 24
I have eaten Aki's's famous large pretzels for years and years in bars and taverns throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul. Yet, despite the original Aki's being located directly next to Fair State Brewing (I travel there often), I have never, ever seen Aki's actually OPEN for business!Obviously, they are open most every day, but "day" being the important word here - Aki's has never been open during the late nights when I frequent Fair State. I remember fondly that when Fair State opened, they built a small pass-through window directly into the Aki's bakery area - allowing for direct sales and delicious smells to waft through the brewery! Ah, those were the days, right?In any case, imagine my surprise when I walked by the Aki's on the way to FS to discover that the bakery is now occasionally open until 7 pm! Immediately, ordered myself a beer at FS, followed by a trip over to Aki's for a pretzel. Wonderful, as always. Served with several options for mustards, the store offers breads and brotchen, too.It's "no frills" inside, and very small in size, but happy to get a pretzel to eat with my Fair State beers! They were just closing when I arrived there, so most of their stock of breads were gone. But someday I'll catch them in the morning!
Brooke NelsonBrooke Nelson
23:32 02 May 23
A must-visit for Pretzel Day (don’t sleep on the everything seasoned ones!) and chock full of delightful breads and treats. I also really love their chicken wild rice soup. Give them a visit and eat in their sunny, welcome space.

Your Questions Answered

How do I start offering Aki's products at my business?

Reach out to us for a personalized consultation and discover the best options for your menu.

What range of products can I order for my business?

We offer our traditional breads, soft pretzels (fully-baked and par-baked; all sizes) and broetchen rolls.

Can you accommodate large orders for events?
Absolutely, we specialize in large orders and can customize our offerings for your event.
How do you ensure the freshness of your products for wholesale?
Our local sourcing and efficient baking processes guarantee the freshness and quality of every product delivered to your business.

See the Heart and
Soul Of Aki’s Breadhaus


A bakery based on the traditions of Germany providing amazing artesian breads, pastries & pretzels to our community combined with a wine bar having the atmosphere and vibe that brings people together.


To provide service and products that are worthy of repeat business and be the five-star bakery and wine bar that is above all others.

Our Values

Team Focused
We take care of each other first and have a giving attitude.
We understand that with a strong team, we do great things.
We make the best out of the best.
We don’t do short cuts. We strive for excellence.
We give our customers positive experiences they will remember.
We provide 5-star products and service that are worth remarking about.
Service is black & white. Hospitality is technicolor.
Open Communication
We understand that open, honest, and clear communication is vital for our success.
We are open to receiving feedback from each other and our customers because we understand it is meant help us and the business grow and flourish.
Endless Reinvention
We are open-minded to finding ways to improve.
We believe that all things are possible.

Meet the


Owner / Founder

As a native from Germany, the things that I have really missed since living here in the U.S. are the bread, rolls, pastries and baked goods that I grew up with. Since 2010, I’ve been working to bring back memories, the taste and the smell of the freshly baked goods of my home country. I hope you enjoy.


Owner / Partner

I am super excited to be partnered with Aki in Aki’s BreadHaus & WunderBar (coming soon!). As a former business owner in retail and wholesale businesses, I have missed the adventure of being part of something that I can create & grow while building a strong team and a people-first culture. While Aki continues to oversee the production and quality of the bakery; I have taken on the business side of the operations. We make a great team!

Partner with Aki’s, grow you menu, and delight your customers.

Let Aki’s Breadhaus transform your menu. Experience the difference authentic German baking can make in attracting and retaining customers.

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